Specialist Dr. Mike Rizzo

Dr. Rizzo Endorses Judy Dempsey’s book, Turning Education Inside Out

Look for Dr. Rizzo’s contribution to Judy Dempsey’s book Turning Education Inside Out on page 261. Click here to buy the book on Amazon. Below is a quick excerpt of Dr. Rizzo’s involvement in Judy Dempsey’s book:

“As I study neuroscience, the more I learn, the more I am convinced Maria Montessori was in fact a century ahead of her time. Understanding the neurobiology of learning, motivation, and character development results in a clear unquestionable “a-ha” experience that everything Maria Montessori believed is correct.

As a consequence of my involvement with hundreds of schools, public and private, I have visited and observed more learning/teaching environments than most people. Over the years, I always find myself amazed at what I see happening in the Montessori classroom. To the untrained observer, these classroom environments may seem unstructured, and even chaotic. In fact, they are just the opposite.

Children are grouped in much larger age ranges. Specific developmental sequences are built into the curriculum and children are engaged at the level of personal readiness. Eventually, as was Maria Montessori’s belief, mastery will come. Mastery does not come on the same day with each child. Mastery will come when the individual’s brain is ready. These developmental sequences of learning opportunities are designed around all modalities (visual, kinesthetic/motor, and auditory/verbal). Each “thing” in a Montessori classroom is there for a reason. Each child can engage in learning without feeling embarrassed, intimidated, and/or under pressure to keep up with what the others are doing. This is what makes the Montessori learning environment so magical…”

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