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Dear CPS Family and Friends,

For more than 15 years, CPS has crafted personalized summer programs ranging from 2 to 9 weeks at our main campus in Weston, FL (click here for flyer). We introduced our Brainforest Summer Adventure Camp model to Naples (click here for flyer) two years ago, and have experienced great success in assisting children in the community.

Our camp combines executive function skills training, cognitive remediation, academic remediation, social skills training, and recreational opportunities to enrich a child’s natural talents and abilities, as well as nurture their social development. Each child’s program is designed prescriptively to match their needs.

No two children have the same program, as each child is unique. We are beginning our recruiting efforts for our Brainforest Summer Adventure Camp in Naples. The camp environment and staff provides a framework for modeling, mentoring, and teaching strategies for campers to maximize their personal potential.

Executive function training is embedded in all aspects of camp, while campers are participating in empirically-supported cognitive and academic remediation activities.

They also get opportunities to participate in exciting, adventure-based activities! For those traveling for the summer, we can design a prescriptive technology program to take on the road.

Please see the attached flyers for more information.

To secure your no cost camp consultation, please contact Karen at 954 577-3396.


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