Prescriptive Services

As advances in school neuropsychology have allowed us to understand why intelligent students struggle, the need for specialized educational interventions that go beyond daily homework assistance has become ever more apparent.  In answer to the call, CPS has established a new division, complete with a network of highly-trained interventionists who have educational and psychological backgrounds. 

The interventions offered through the CPS Educational Interventions Division are based on best practice methods for addressing individual learning challenges. Once a child’s need for educational intervention is identified, a customized Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) is developed based on the recommendations from professionals, including teachers and psychologists, who have assessed the learning needs of the child.  The PMP will include specific strategies and methods so interventions can be successfully implemented.

Programs are designed so that they can take place in our office, at the child’s school, or in the home, depending on the specific needs of the family.  Specialty interventions currently available include the following:

  • Study Skills and Strategies
  • Organizational Coaching
  • ADHD Coaching
  • Reading Interventions
  • Subject-area Tutoring
  • Language Skill Development

For more information about our prescriptive educational services, please call 954.577.3396.