Speakers Bureau

Our very own Michael Rizzo, Ph.D. is a regionally-acclaimed school neuropsychologist and motivational speaker.  He has a unique perspective on living with and managing learning disabilities, as he himself is dyslexic.  He has become recognized as a regional expert in the diagnosis and treatment of at-risk children.

Here is an introduction to an example of one of Dr. Rizzo’s presentations (Click here for parts 1-3 individually). 

Upon booking Dr. Rizzo at your next event, he can tailor his presentation towards your individual needs.

Dr. Rizzo generally conducts 20 trainings per year to parents, teachers, and related professionals.  Some of his recent lecture topics include the following:

  • Behavior/Social Skills and the Special Needs Child
  • Neuropsychology of Dyslexia
  • Looking Beyond Behavior: ADHD-Not Always What it Seems
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Services for Special Needs Children
  • Current Research on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Strategies for Teachers in the Classroom
  • Everyone Can Read! Community Literacy Seminar
  • Ingredients for Student Success: Parents and Teachers Coming Together for the Success of the Children
  • Understanding the At-Risk Learner
  • Understanding Learning Style Differences and Profiles Suggesting Emotional Difficulties
  • EQ, IQ, and the Impulsivity-Compulsivity Continuum – All Must be Considered in Educating a Child
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Classroom Modifications
  • Assessing At-Risk Kids
  • How Kids Learn: No Two Are Alike
  • Understanding Autism and Trends in the Assessment of Spectrum Disorders
  • Emotional Challenges and Learning Disabilities
  • Differentiating Learning Needs and Intervening Appropriately When Bright Kids Struggle
  • The Foundational Skills of Learning
  • Understanding and Addressing Emotional Challenges in School-Age Children
  • Foundations of Learning – Decoding Neuropsychology
  • Learning Style Differences: What Parents Need to Know and What They Can Do
  • The Interaction of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Circuitry (Impulsivity-Compulsivity Continuum), and Learning Styles
  • Empowering the Gifted LD Learner to Succeed Socially and Academically
  • The Ingredients For Academic Success – Not Just IQ
  • Dissecting the Neurobiology of Anxiety

Dr. Rizzo is available to host a wide-array of speaking engagements, with presentation topics that can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the group audience.  For more information or to make arrangements for a presentation, please call (954) 577-3396.