Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often over-diagnosed and misunderstood. Many underlying factors contribute to, ostensibly, off- task behavior, and other issues often mask themselves as, or contribute to, ADHD features. Before proceeding with treatment, it is important to determine the nature of those underlying factors. For some patients, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may not be practical or necessary. The “ADHD Clinic” provides patients with a less time-consuming and less costly option that can serve as a reasonable screening to “red flag” areas of clinical concern. Patients screened through the ADHD Clinic will be administered approximately 45 minutes of psychometric testing by an intern or practicum student.

The outcome of these measures are quickly scored and reviewed with parents or forwarded to the child’s pediatrician or neurologist. Having this information, parents and/or physicians will be empowered to make appropriate decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment options, and/or the need for more comprehensive testing, as it is important to note that this assessment option in no way replaces a complete evaluation. Generally speaking, screening measures can with some degree of confidence identify those children who demonstrate the following:

  • Relatively pure ADHD features
  • Extremely high or low cognitive ability, which could be compromising appropriate attention
  • Learning disabilities, which often present as difficulty focusing on academic demands
  • Emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.), which can contribute to attending difficulties
  • Significant developmental and adaptive skill delays, which also contribute to a student being off task for a large percentage of the school day

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