Our Brainforest Summer Programs are offered in two locations, Weston and Naples. Our intervention program tackles the skills children need to meet their reading and math potential in school. 

We are one of the premier agencies to provide cognitive programs that will enhance your child’s auditory processing, phonological awareness and memory, working memory, and other cognitive skills. Your child will be assessed and placed appropriately in Fast ForWord and will have unlimited access to all modules ( We are the first agency in South Florida to utilize C8 Sciences – Activate (, a technology program designed to address attention span, processing speed, and working memory training. Your child is administered a baseline measure to determine placement and then progress is monitored throughout program instruction. Additional verbal, visuospatial, short-term memory, working memory, problem-solving, and attending skills training is available through the use of our Cogmed program (

Our tutors specialize in many prescriptive academic remediation techniques for areas of weakness. They work one-on-one with your child to address their specific needs using strategies and programs such as Orton Gillingham, Lindamood Bell, organizational coaching, and study skills training.

Executive functioning training, such as self-monitoring, planning and organizational skills are fundamental requirements in many aspects of daily life. Preparing kids with the armor to be better at managing aspects of their life is an important skill that can be strengthened at any age.


Structured physical activity can go a long way in providing neurological, physical, and emotional stability for children. We believe all kids should go outside to run, jump and play! 


Social Skills development, utilizing the foundations of Michelle Garcia Winner, is also available. This training will focus on the development of self-awareness, perspective taking, and management of interpersonal relationships with others. We also offer informal group activities with therapeutic oversight to practice skills in science, arts and crafts.


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We will be hosting two separate camps again in Weston, Fl and Naples, Fl over summer called "Brainforest Adventures!"

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