Technology-based Remediation Programs

We can accommodate all our families’ budgets by offering low cost technology based remediation for use at home, while still offering the most sophisticated intervention programs.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training (see is an evidence-based program that improves attention by increasing working memory capacity. Working memory is the ability to keep information in the mind for a short period of time, manipulate it, and use it in your thinking. Research has shown that poor working memory is a root cause of attention and learning problems. It is an essential cognitive function key for attention, and one of the best indicators of academic success. The training is done on a computer, over five weeks. The results are proven to persist substantially beyond training for the vast majority of individuals, and have a major effect on a person’s overall cognitive capacity. The training is game-like, intensive and coach supported. It can be done at our center, at school or at home. The training protocol is 25 half-hour sessions, spread out over five weeks. It adapts to the user’s performance so it is always challenging at the right level. You will find detailed information on all Cogmed research at

Scientific Learning Fast Forward and Reading Assistant

Scientific Learning Fast Forword and Reading Assistant (see are again evidenced based products. These products are designed to help struggling readers strengthen specific areas of cognitive processing associated with reading weakness and develop literacy skills. As with Cogmed, the program adapts to the user’s performance so it is always challenging at the right level. Exercises develop and strengthen memory, attention, phonological processing and sequencing skills. Later modules focus more specifically on phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. The training is done on a computer, where participants play video games that teach prescriptive cognitive skills associated with reading. The duration of the training is dependent on the amount of time committed each day and one’s individual progress in attaining mastery over training exercises. When one module is mastered, if necessary, a higher level language skill and reading skill may be introduced. The results are proven to persist substantially beyond training. Students move to higher levels of mastery in the prerequisite cognitive skills sets required for reading, as well as reading comprehension. The training is game-like, intensive, and coach-supported. It can be done at our center, at school or at home. The training protocol varies, and sessions can range from 30 to 90 minutes. A module is completed when all tasks have been mastered. Fast Forword’s published research and clinical results show efficacy in developing the prerequisite skills to be an overall good reader. There is numerous first class research studies completed and published. You will find detailed information on all Scientific Learning Products at

WordSmart Vocabulary Building System

WordSmart vocabulary building system (see is another technology based remediation program designed to strengthen vocabulary skills. Many students with working memory, language and/or phonological deficits, and poor reading skills have a limited core vocabulary. Researchers agree that vocabulary is the missing link in reading education once phonics skills and reading fluency have been developed.. An increased vocabulary not only improves academic aptitude, but also develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. Beyond reading “words”, the key to improving reading comprehension is having an excellent vocabulary. This will help raise scores on standardized tests and improve grades in school. WordSmart’s easy-to-use vocabulary builder can help students expand his or her reading and speaking skills with amusing and challenging word games.

Treating working memory skills and reading skills without improving vocabulary fails to truly maximize reading and higher level critical thinking skills . The training is again game-like, intensive and coach-supported. Again, this can be done at our center, at school or at home. The training protocol varies from two times weekly to daily for 20 minutes. Each new module introduces 20 new words. A module is completed when all words within have been mastered. A new module is then presented, and this process continues introducing more challenging vocabulary words.

We believe a student’s potential to be an efficient reader can be maximized by engaging in vocabulary activities delivered via technology based programming in conjunction with working memory, phonological processing and reading remediation. It will also help with all aspects of oral communication and contribute to more sophistication in higher level thinking and reasoning challenges in a variety of learning situations.

ACTIVATE™ Education

ACTIVATE™ Education (see is a sophisticated brain cross training program developed for ADHD in the classroom by Yale neuroscientists that combines computer and physical exercises. It activates and helps strengthen the brain systems. Skill areas including processing speed, attention, working memory, self-regulation and cognitive flexibility are all targeted.

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