Why Choose Interventions at Child Provider Specialists?

Few psychologists have training in school neuropsychological theory, best practice assessment techniques, and evidenced-based interventions. Children are increasingly arriving at school with known or suspected learning challenges related to neurological differences in the core cognitive abilities and skills that are required for academic success. Approximately fifteen percent of students demonstrate average or better intelligence and still struggle with aspects of managing school curriculum and the school experience (reading, writing, mathematics, listening/focus, social skills). These students do not lack intelligence. Rather, they demonstrate differences in brain organization (neuro-diversity), which creates the need for many different pathways to learning and success. Not all schools are adept at providing the supports and different learning pathways necessary for all students. At Child Provider Specialists, we are practiced in understanding each student and finding the conditions under which they can thrive.

The CPS Education Intervention program starts with psychologists at Child Provider Specialists, who are experts in understanding how children learn and diagnosing underlying, systemic differences in brain function that can impede academic skill acquisition. Our Intervention staff are experienced in working with and meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of students with various cognitive, attentional and learning profiles. Dr. Michael Rizzo, founder of Child Provider Specialists, is himself diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia.

In addition, we are one of the premier programs to provide technology-based interventions that can enhance cognitive skills, such as: auditory processing, phonological awareness and memory, working memory, processing speed, verbal and visuospatial short-term memory, problem-solving and attention span.

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